• Track your Books

    Handy shelves keep track of books you are reading, those on your wishlist, or books you want to recommend.

  • Simple & Fun to Use

    Entering a new book is easy, just scan the bar code and its in BookLover - the app goes online to find the cover!

  • Share your Favorites

    Part of the joy of reading is sharing great books with others, BookLover makes this easy with built-in Twitter and Facebook posting.

  • And Much More...

    Capture notes for your book group, export a CSV of your reading list, see synopsises of the author's other books - its all in BookLover!

What do others say?

"This is an easy to use application with a nice interface and a promising set of features..."

"BookLover seems like an excellent way to keep track of books to read or have read."

"Simple. Elegant. Functional. And now with the ability to export to .csv, it's exact what I want."

"I love been able to see the books I've read and how easy it is to scan books in."

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