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Ringo Pro is a great way to truly personalize your Android phone. Use any MP3 as a ringtone and set individual tones for each of your contacts and groups.

Ringo really powers up your SMS notifications too - set a different tone for each contact's messages, and control LED colors, pop-up notifications and more!

Visit the Google Play Store and search for Ringo Pro...

Screenshot of PhoneFace for Android
Screenshot of PhoneFace for Android

Ringo Pro is packed full of customization options, so you can configure your incoming calls and SMS alerts exactly how you want them.

You can have Ringo announce your calls and messages with a voice alert, and even ask it to read out your texts.

For calls and messages you can pick from a range of vibrate and (where supported) LED color options.

You can optionally pop-up an alert box giving a summary of your new message.

If you have a barcode scanner on your phone, simply scan the code to the right and you'll go straight to Ringo Pro in the Google Play Store!

Ringo runs on all Android Phones, though not all features are available on all phones - search for Ringo Pro in your phone's app store now!

Screenshot of PhoneFace for Android