BugMe! Stickies

Yellow Stickies Just Got Better!

BugMe! Stickies brings your fading yellow-stickies bang up-to-date, with digital ink and nagging alarms - learn more at BugMe.net!

  • Jot quick notes on a sticky note
  • Set alarms on your notes
  • Use notes as memory joggers or messages

BugMe! Stickies for iPhone and iPad is on the App Store.

And for Android Smartphone and Tablets at Google Play Store!

Ringo Pro

Amazing Android Alerts

Ringo Pro gives you the most control over your Android phone’s notifications, to make your phone really unique. A huge set of custom ringtone and SMS message tone controls lets you set powerful individual alert styles for all your contacts and groups.

  • Custom Ringtone and SMS Text Tones
  • Custom LED alerts and vibrate patterns
  • Reads out your text messages!

Learn more about Ringo...


Don't Miss Another Email Message!

MailTones brings pager-style alerts and notifications to iPhone email, so you'll get unmissable notice of any new email messages.

  • Show popup with message details
  • Pick new alert sounds, from discrete to unmissable
  • Pick custom behaviours for by subject, sender, etc.

MailTones is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

The MailTones website has more information.

Boat Beacon

See and Be Seen Around The Coast

Keep a watch on boats near you and let others keep a weather eye on you using Boat Beacon Maps and Global Marine AIS systems via the Internet.

  • Shares your position with global AIS systems
  • Does not require an external AIS receiver or transponder
  • Available for Android, iPad and iPhone

Boat Beacon is now on the App Store & Google Play Store

Our Pocket Mariner website has more information!