• Perfect Navigation

    Designed by a boat skipper, Compass Eye can be used to help navigation at sea, on land or in the air as a bearing or marching compass.

  • Take Your Bearings

    Sailors can set multiple bearings and switch between magnetic north and true north. Photo capture lets you take a fix on the chart.

  • Live Camera View

    The Compass Eye display is overlaid on a live camera view, with upto 8x Digital zoom, so it can be used like a pair of compass binoculars

  • More Accurate

    Compass Eye is fully gimballed and works accurately in all orientations and angles - most compass apps only show the correct heading when held level and close to horizontal.

What do others say?

"...works impressively well, even on a moving boat..."

"An augmented reality app that's actually useful is a rare find"

"For sailors, this universal app is practically a must-buy, since it was made specially for you."

"Simple and uncomplicated app that does everything well, and excellent customer service."

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