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BugMe! is the quick and easy note-taker and reminder for your iPhone. You can jot notes, ideas and errands on the fly. Sharing notes is easy, by email or Twitter, or save notes as little Stickies to your iPhone Home Screen as an "in your face" reminder!

Letting BugMe! take care of your tasks frees your brain - so you can focus on better things!

BugMe! for iOS is available now in the AppStore - its a Universal App, so looks great on an iPhone or iPad.

Screenshot of BugMe! for iPhone
Screenshot of BugMe! for iPhone

Taking notes is quick, easy and flexible. BugMe!'s note taker lets you jot your note in ink, with your finger as the pen - just like a digital sticky note!

You can start a note on our colored paper pad or pick a photo from your album. You can even take a photo inside BugMe! and jot a note right onto it. Perfect for a shopping reminder or fun email or tweet.

BugMe!'s unique "Save to Home Screen" feature lets you save a copy of your note to your iPhone's launcher screen. Drag and arrange the tiny note as you would any application icon, and have it right there in front of you whenever you use your phone. Its the perfect solution for reminders on the iPhone.

For our iPhone customers BugMe! can use your notes as alarmed reminders. Set a time for your note to fire and BugMe! will sound an alarm and show your note - you can even snooze it again if you're busy. We must stress that if you are not running iOS 4.0 and above, you'll need to have internet access on your phone to make alarms work and that you should use these alarms as casual reminders - not for really-important-disaster-if-forgotten tasks!

Let BugMe! catch your notes, tasks and errands - and free your Brain!

BugMe! runs on iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch - Buy BugMe! from the AppStore today!

Screenshot of BugMe! for iPhone